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S T R E S S with a capital STRESS

I have been working on my “assignment” all evening for my job interview tomorrow and I needed a quick break to rest my brain. 

This is the most stressful  interview I have ever been a part of.  Why?  Because I already am doing that job.  I have been doing this job for a year covering mat leave and now they need to fill it permenently.  Its not the interview itself that has got my nerves all in a knot (because I am awesome at interviews), its my self confidence.  I have been doing this job for a year.  I have been doing a GREAT job for a year.  An EXCELLENT job….and I have performance reviews to prove it.  Yet they are still going through with a complete (and very thorough) hiring process.  My pride is hurt a bit.  If I have done such a great job then why go through all that trouble of screening and interviewing new people.  JUST PICK ME.  You don’t need to look for someone better, if that is what you are doing.  I’m the best.  The grass isn’t greener, man. 

  Can you tell I want this job?  I do.  A lot.  I am made for this job. 

Blarg.  Thats all.  Good not-unemployed vibes please.

Day three of half marathon training – 9.10 km with a 5.24 pace.  Go me.

For a quick laugh:


If I Keep up with this Whole Running Thing I’m Going to Need a Bigger Bra.


And not for the reason you may think.  Or the reason that any normal person may need a bigger bra.  I am, indeed, a proud member of the IBTC. (sad face here).  THIS is why:

My keys, my ipod and my phone all go in there.  In the summer I dont have anywhere else to put these necessities and, therefore, the girls need to share my bra with my gadgets.  I really need an armband for my phone.  That would solve a world of problems, like a potential shortage of saran wrap since I wrap my phone in saran wrap before every run to protect it from sweat.  I’m resourceful.

I never used to bring my phone running but I now use my new Runkeeper app to track my kms and speed.  I wish I had discovered it much sooner.  I love that app.  I never used to have any idea how fast or far I went.  I am learning the art of pacing myself so I don’t need to take a lay down on the road half way through a race. This is a must-have for that.

Yesterday was the first day of my half marathon training plan.  Instead of running 5 km @ 6.03 min/km I ran 7.41 km @ 5.47 min/km. I learned one very important thing.  Never ever ever run the day after a race.  It was a baaaad run.  My legs hated me.  Why did I run longer than I needed to then?  As with most of my bad runs, its only bad for the 1st 25 mins.  After that my legs magically stop hurting and I stop feeling sluggish. So I needed to run longer to end on a high note.  Plus I was thinking.  Running is good for thinking.  I have a big job interview (HUGE job interview that could either end up with me having an awesome job or being completely unemployed) and needed to ponder it for a while. 

On a random note, here are my new shoes.  I love them more than someone should love shoes.  I did something I know I shouldn’t and wore them for the very first time to my race on Sunday.  They didn’t let me down.

49:30 minutes! BAM!

I’m stoked!  I acheived a PR in the 10km race and finally broke 50 minutes!  49:30 kills my last PR last July of 53:18!  I just used a lot of exclamation marks there. 

I was a bit worried going into this race as I just got back from a 10 day trip to Italy the week before and didnt run at all while I was there.  I got in three really crappy and slow runs in the week leading up to the race but just wasn’t feeling my best.   Plus I had a little bit of a mind thing going on.  Last time I ran this race I started out strong and stalled to a dead halt @ 7.5 km as I was experiencing the worst cramp on the planet.  I actually thought something was seriously wrong.  It hurt so much in my side that I was limping because any leg movement KILLED.  I have never ever gotten a cramp like that. This is the race I learned the value of pacing.  It also made me afraid to push myself too hard.  So I went into the race on Sunday with visions of lying on the road in agony flashing through my head.  As I get more serious about running I am learning how to listen to my body more and also about proper training.  I think this helped me push hard but not run out of steam. 

I have also decided to run a half marathon in July.  My first one and probably my last before I get knocked up.  I have six weeks to train.  I am not aiming to be fast, I’m aiming to finish.  Anything around the 2 hour mark would make me happy though.  I plugged everything into Smart Coach and it created a plan for me.  This is what the first week looks like.   There is a lot (too many IMO) of really short 5 km or less runs in the plan.  I might up them a few km.  Like change the 4 km run to 6 km.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Easy Run  Easy Run Tempo Run Easy Run Rest/XT Long Run Rest/ XT
4 KM @ 6:03 4 KM @ 6:03 9 KM inc warm, 6 KM @ 5:24, cool 4 KM @ 6:03   21 KM @ 6:03  

Ok What the Heck Just Happened?

Time: 44 minutes.  Distance:…unknown.  Really.   The race was a real life “choose your own adventure”

This may have been the most poorly organized race in the history of running.  Which is too bad because last year it was awesome.   The volunteers had no idea what the course was and ended up leading the 10k and 5 k runners onto the half marathon course (awesome). 

0km – 1km:  At this point I had no idea of the ultimate fail that lay ahead of me.  But by the time I hit the 1km mark I was getting worried.  It was a LONG 1km.  It took 7.22 minutes.  That is weird.  So I was like “ok speed up”.  So I’m running fairly fast now…and I run….and I run….and I run…and run….and run…and run….

..and I think WTH man? This is the longest km of my life!  I see some volunteers and ask them if this is the 10k route and they assure me that it is.  I am running with a bunch of 5k’ers now and am convinced that I have somehow made it onto the 5k route and missed a turn off (or turned too soon). The route isnt marked with the distances and there were some volunteers a while back that were chatting and not paying attention…what if I missed a turn?  So I resign myself to running a 5k and sped up a bit.  I’m not running no slow 5k. 

At this point I have no idea how far I have run.  Then I spot a marker.  Thank dog!  oh no!!!  It says 2.5km.  I look at my watch.  I’ve been running half an hour.   the longest 1.5 km of my life.  Dude.  I’m in bad shape.  The 5k’ers turn back here and I keep going.  Phew I was on the 10k route after all.   I hear some grumblings now about some mix up in the course and how all the 5k’er are actually running 7.5k and the 10k’ers will be running 15 km.  Ok then.  Now I’m running 15 km.  I ease up my pace a bit.

So now I come to a fork in the road.  The sign says for the 10k runners to keep going (this would lead to the rumored 15km 1ok race route) but the volunteers are now telling the 10k runners to take the other route, which would shorten the distance.  sheesh.  So I go the other way hoping this means I’m running an actual 10k and that everything will be alright.  Again, I have no idea how far I am running I know its less than 15km.  So I speed up a bit now because I’m slower than 10k pace and keep going. 

 I finally get to the finish line at 44 minutes (approximately).  At this point I don’t care about an accurate time as I don’t have any idea of a distance.  I am hearing various numbers from people with GPS (keep in mind everyone ran something different) anywhere from 8km to 9.o to 9.5 km.  The consensus is  that it ended up being shorter than 10km though.   Some people took a different route all together and ended up coming into the finish line from the opposite direction (huh?).  Others just ran the 5 k route twice. And some people just ran around randomly until their GPS reached 10km.  

I would estimate that there were at least 5 different routes taken during the 10k race and that most of the 5k racers ran 7.5k (bonus).  I saw a total of three distance markers. 1km, 2.5km and 3 km.  ALL WRONG.

On a positive note: the snacks were awesome.  I made sure I took one of everything.   Best race snacks yet.  They successfully distracted me from being annoyed by having Mars bars there.


If this wasn’t for charity I would want my $40 back.

I need a GPS watch.