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Recipes I’ve Tried

I love to cook.  I love to bake. I love to try new recipes.  I am the person who thinks that having 6 people over for dinner is the PERFECT time to try something I’ve never made before.  This makes my husband nervous.  Also, I am MUCH better at baking than cooking.  Almost all of the things I bake come out pretty close to perfect.  Almost all of the things I cook could use a little work. 

I am going to use this page to list all of the recipes I’ve tried.  I will also give my rating and my husband’s rating on each dish (they are always different) 🙂

Rating system (10 being the best):

1 – 3: Do not make this again.  My mouth hates you with the fire of 1000 suns. Store bought is WAYYYY superior.  I will have nightmares about this.

4-6:  This is ok but I don’t want to eat it again.  Something is a little off.  Store bought is comparable and way less work.

7-10:  Better than store bought.  Make this again.  Its really good.  Put it on a recipe card! (I only reserve my recipes cards for recipes that are AWESOME – its a privledge to be on one). WINNER!

1) Simple Raosted Broccoli with Garlic from Tasty Kitchen. Original recipe found here

Rating- Me: 3.  husband:1.  I burnt the heck out of this one. 

2) Spinach and Mushroom Risotto from Tasty Kitchen.  Original recipe found here.

Rating- Me: 8.  Husband: 9. Woot!  I think it could have used less parm.  I used the parm petals, which are stronger. 

3) 7 Layer dip.

4) The BEST Choclate Chip Banana Bread from Tasty Kitchen. Original Recipe found here.

Rating- Me: 9. Husband: Not sure but he ate it so I can’t be bad.  As I said in the post. One more banana would have been awesome.  But this was the moistest banana bread I’ve made by far


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  1. HAHAHAHA “My mouth hates you with the fire of 1000 suns.”


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