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Guess What Day it is?????

Today is Camp Day. Buy a coffee

Today is Tim Hortons Camp Day!  Every single cent from all coffees (and hot chocolates) bought today will go toward sending children, who otherwise wouldnt have a chance to go, to camp!  I not only bought one but THREE today.  No, not all for me.  For me and my team.  My poison is an XL half coffee/half hot chocolate.  Mmmmm.  Perfect addition to breakfast. 
Now you can add two more things to your to-do list today.  1) Buy a coffee and send a kid to camp. 2) Feel good about yourself 🙂
Do it.  Go.  Now.

Good Luck to Me! Races vs Running and Why I Love the 10K!

Race day tomorrow!  Race day tomorrow!  Good luck to me!  The 1st race of the year is always nerve-wracking as it feels  a little like the unknown.  I only have last year’s times as a point of reference and A LOT can happen in a year. 

I like running.  Running is very enjoyable.  It’s a time where I can go out and just have ‘me” time.  I can play upbeat music and go at my own pace. I prefer running first thing in the morning as it gives me a great start to my day.  I feel good and my mood is lifted.  I’ve only recently started to run after work when I can’t in the morning.  It’s a great way to unwind from the day and have a good long think about things.  I find that I have more bad runs after work than I do in the morning though.  Running is a fun and I like it a lot. 

Now racing…. I LOOOOVE racing.  I both look forward to and dread races (I always get nervous).   I love the atmosphere, the anticipation, standing in the crowd and feeling their energy.  I love the last km where I can see the finish line and I give it my all.  I love the door prizes (though I have yet to win one).  I love the rush when they post the times on a tree.   I LOVE the post race snacks (my favorite part lol).  A banana or a muffin has never tasted so darn good.  I adore the race t-shirts (my husband does too because he gets all the huge ones that don’t fit).  I always wear mine for the race.  Mostly, I love competing.  Both against myself and (secretly) against others.  There is always one person in each race who seems to go at pretty close to the same pace as me.  It is always my goal to beat the person.   I am super competitive by nature and I can’t help but competing just a little bit with others.  It drives me to be better.  I want to be the passer, not the passee. 🙂

I love the 10K distance because I KNOW I can finish it but not so easily that it’s not a challenge.  Sure I can finish it, but how far can I push myself?   I don’t finish a 10k and go “ok let’s do another”.  I finish it and go “ok I need to sit down”.  I like that.  Because I’m not worried about completing it I can focus on becoming faster at it.  Seeing the times get faster and faster is a lot more gratifying for me then being happy to have done it.  I don’t want to just do something.  I want to do something and be AWESOME.  That being said, I am not awesome at 10k’s yet…but someday….

What is your favorite thing about races?  What is your favorite distance?


Hi, I’m Kiki and I’m a 29 (ALMOST 30) year old Canuck. I created this blog as a means for self motivation and to follow my journey into a healthy, balanced life.

Hopefully, fairly shortly it will also showcase my foray into maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout pregnancy (fingers crossed) but right now I will just focus on my solo journey.

I love to run and I love to race.  I have been running for a while but have only been racing for a year or so, and it was never really serious.  I would love to run a half marathon but for right now my main goal is to kick ass at 10k’s.  I want to start training fairly seriously (while I still can) and hopefully this blog will keep me on track

I love to cook and bake.  I love to try new recipes (sometimes to my husband’s chagrin).  I will try my best to post about the recipes I try and whether or not they end up any good (I have a lot of cooking fails, not so many baking fails). I usually forget to take pics though :-/ I will post the list of recipes I have tried, their score out of 10, and from where I got them on my recipes page.

That’s all about me for now.  Hope you enjoy reading it (if anyone out there is reading 🙂 )