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Wow. This is Powerful

Just wanted to stop in quickly to post this video.  I came across it on Christina’s blog.  This is a strong message and every single woman can relate to it. 


Guilty of Being a Biatch

I completed my stressful interview yesterday and did (I think, I hope) awesome. My awesomeness still does not garauntee me the job though.  I did the best I could and I prepared well so its out of my hands.

What was in my control though (and I totally blew it) was how I treated my poor husband through all of my stress.  I was not nice.  When I’m stressed I go from EVERYTHING is funny to NOTHING is funny very very quickly.  For the last few days I was in NOTHING is funny mode and my husband was still cracking jokes and supporting me in his own way.  I did not react well to this and treated him fairly poorly.  Finally he had enough and the straw broke the camel’s back last night.  He is mad.  I don’t blame him one bit.

As someone who is super sensitive, I hate it when people are mad. I hate it even more when I have done something to make them mad.  I feel the guilt.  I was a jerk.  As someone who is super annoying I also like to pester people with love after I make them mad to annoy them into submission.

I’ve said my sorrys and admitted my errors.  But I think tonight calls for some banana bread.  The husband loves banana bread.

I think I’ll use this recipe from Tasty Kitchen.

What do you do for your partner/spouse to make peace when you have been insensitive and a bit of a jerk? (c’mon we ALL have done it)

S T R E S S with a capital STRESS

I have been working on my “assignment” all evening for my job interview tomorrow and I needed a quick break to rest my brain. 

This is the most stressful  interview I have ever been a part of.  Why?  Because I already am doing that job.  I have been doing this job for a year covering mat leave and now they need to fill it permenently.  Its not the interview itself that has got my nerves all in a knot (because I am awesome at interviews), its my self confidence.  I have been doing this job for a year.  I have been doing a GREAT job for a year.  An EXCELLENT job….and I have performance reviews to prove it.  Yet they are still going through with a complete (and very thorough) hiring process.  My pride is hurt a bit.  If I have done such a great job then why go through all that trouble of screening and interviewing new people.  JUST PICK ME.  You don’t need to look for someone better, if that is what you are doing.  I’m the best.  The grass isn’t greener, man. 

  Can you tell I want this job?  I do.  A lot.  I am made for this job. 

Blarg.  Thats all.  Good not-unemployed vibes please.

Day three of half marathon training – 9.10 km with a 5.24 pace.  Go me.

For a quick laugh:

If I Keep up with this Whole Running Thing I’m Going to Need a Bigger Bra.


And not for the reason you may think.  Or the reason that any normal person may need a bigger bra.  I am, indeed, a proud member of the IBTC. (sad face here).  THIS is why:

My keys, my ipod and my phone all go in there.  In the summer I dont have anywhere else to put these necessities and, therefore, the girls need to share my bra with my gadgets.  I really need an armband for my phone.  That would solve a world of problems, like a potential shortage of saran wrap since I wrap my phone in saran wrap before every run to protect it from sweat.  I’m resourceful.

I never used to bring my phone running but I now use my new Runkeeper app to track my kms and speed.  I wish I had discovered it much sooner.  I love that app.  I never used to have any idea how fast or far I went.  I am learning the art of pacing myself so I don’t need to take a lay down on the road half way through a race. This is a must-have for that.

Yesterday was the first day of my half marathon training plan.  Instead of running 5 km @ 6.03 min/km I ran 7.41 km @ 5.47 min/km. I learned one very important thing.  Never ever ever run the day after a race.  It was a baaaad run.  My legs hated me.  Why did I run longer than I needed to then?  As with most of my bad runs, its only bad for the 1st 25 mins.  After that my legs magically stop hurting and I stop feeling sluggish. So I needed to run longer to end on a high note.  Plus I was thinking.  Running is good for thinking.  I have a big job interview (HUGE job interview that could either end up with me having an awesome job or being completely unemployed) and needed to ponder it for a while. 

On a random note, here are my new shoes.  I love them more than someone should love shoes.  I did something I know I shouldn’t and wore them for the very first time to my race on Sunday.  They didn’t let me down.


Saturday – Running and Coffee…my favourite

These are my running socks.  I love them.  My husband bought me a pack of 7 different patterns and colors for Christmas.   Snazzy socks make me happy.

These are my shoes.  Saucony Kinvara.  I love them more than any other shoe I own….even my Dior heels.  I am very brand loyal and HATE trying new runners.  They always end up being a fail.  I had my foot measured and my running style assessed at the running room once and an hour later I came out with a pair of clunky ass shoes that I ended up hating with the fire of 1000 suns.  I had Nike Frees for years but I eventually got sick of the super wide toe area.  After much research I came across these babies.  Super light (I hate heavy shoes. I already run like an elephant) and super pink.  I love love love them.  I have loved a hole right into them too 😦  A new pair is in my future 

I am pretty proud of my Saturday run.  About 7 km and 1200 stairs.  Yes…1200 stairs.  70 flights.  We have an awesome hill about 2.5 km away from our house that has a whole bunch of stairs going up the side, so it’s the perfect place to jog to and then get in some serious stair climbing. 

After my run I *needed* a latte.  Oh how I love my lattes.  This beauty is a grande Chai non-fat latte.  When made right, the chai lattes are so spicy and awesome.  I love the burn of the spices in my mouth to go along with the sweetness.  (You can also spot one of my fave blogs in the background.  Coffee and reading blogs is the perfect Saturday morning activity)

In the afternoon we went to the driving range.  I just started golfing last summer and boy am I BAD.  I can’t seem to fight my urge to hit the crap out of the ball and end up either A) Missing completely and getting laughed at or B) hitting the ball 2 feet in front of me and getting laughed at.  When I do happen to take a deep breath and slow down my swing I can hit it pretty darn good.   Last year I joined a ladies league and people still talk about “that girl who hit the house”…that would be me.  I almost broke a giant window in a multi million dollar house. Strength- check. Ability to keep the ball straight- still working on that. This year the ladies league will be taking some time to do a few lessons before we actually start to play.  Good call, ladies league. Good call.

It was one week Saturday until my next 10k.  The first of the year.  I always get a bit nervous before my 1st one of the year because I literally have no clue how fast I will go.  I was never one to time or pace myself.  I just went.  My goal in the next little while is to keep track of my pace every time I run and try my best to better it and get a better time.  I am also looking for a training program.  I want to be someone who is out the to compete (with themself) and to be the best they can be, not just someone who runs ’cause its fun. (which it is…but I am super competitive….maybe too much for my own good)

I Made This…and it Tasted Good.

Last night was a cozy Friday in with some tea and a chick flick – Life as We Know It.  It was super cute.  I  liked it.  I LOVED Katherine Heigl’s wardrobe in it.  She had these awesome flared pants that I NEED. Anyway….- But I also felt the needs for something a little sweet, yet light, since I ate such a heavy risotto for dinner (again, awesome). 

Enter the baked apple concoction:

I made this recipe up and just started throwing things in there that I thought would taste good.   I baked it all in tin foil at 400 degrees for 30 mins.

1 apple (I used Spartan), sliced

1 tbs of natural peanut butter

1.5 tsp brown sugar

2 tbs oats

cinnamon (I just put on a few shakes of the container)

sprinkling of chocolate chips.

Step 1: Cut apples and lay on foil

Step 2:  Throw other stuff on top and wrap foil

Step 3: Enjoy.   

It was like apple crisp but lighter. 

And now for something random that I am proud of:  My orchid! 

These babies are notorious for being temperamental and dying a terrible death after the first bloom.  I have managed to keep this beauty alive for 2.5 years and 3 (THREE!!!) blooms.  Amazing considering that I killed my hyacinth at work after 3 days.

My Hyacinth (RIP):

This is not my fault though.  I found out after the fact that the cat (we have an office cat) likes to come by once or twice a day and munch on my Hyacinth leaves – they immediately die.  Not cool, cat.  Not cool.