Attempting a healthy balancing act.

About Me

Hi, I’m Kristy and I’m a 29 (ALMOST 30) year old Canuck. I created this blog as a means for self motivation and to follow my journey into a healthy, balanced life.

Hopefully, fairly shortly it will also showcase my foray into maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout pregnancy (fingers crossed) but right now I will just focus on my solo journey.

I love to run and I love to race.  I have been running for a while but have only been racing for a year or so, and it was never really serious.  I would love to run a half marathon but for right now my main goal is to kick ass at 10k’s.  I want to start training fairly seriously (while I still can) and hopefully this blog will keep me on track

I love to cook and bake.  I love to try new recipes (sometimes to my husband’s chagrin).  I will try my best to post about the recipes I try and whether or not they end up any good (I have a lot of cooking fails, not so many baking fails). I usually forget to take pics though :-/ I will post the list of recipes I have tried, their score out of 10, and from where I got them on my recipes page.

That’s all about me for now.  Hope you enjoy reading it (if anyone out there is reading 🙂 )


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