Attempting a healthy balancing act.

I have been working on my “assignment” all evening for my job interview tomorrow and I needed a quick break to rest my brain. 

This is the most stressful  interview I have ever been a part of.  Why?  Because I already am doing that job.  I have been doing this job for a year covering mat leave and now they need to fill it permenently.  Its not the interview itself that has got my nerves all in a knot (because I am awesome at interviews), its my self confidence.  I have been doing this job for a year.  I have been doing a GREAT job for a year.  An EXCELLENT job….and I have performance reviews to prove it.  Yet they are still going through with a complete (and very thorough) hiring process.  My pride is hurt a bit.  If I have done such a great job then why go through all that trouble of screening and interviewing new people.  JUST PICK ME.  You don’t need to look for someone better, if that is what you are doing.  I’m the best.  The grass isn’t greener, man. 

  Can you tell I want this job?  I do.  A lot.  I am made for this job. 

Blarg.  Thats all.  Good not-unemployed vibes please.

Day three of half marathon training – 9.10 km with a 5.24 pace.  Go me.

For a quick laugh:


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