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If I Keep up with this Whole Running Thing I’m Going to Need a Bigger Bra.


And not for the reason you may think.  Or the reason that any normal person may need a bigger bra.  I am, indeed, a proud member of the IBTC. (sad face here).  THIS is why:

My keys, my ipod and my phone all go in there.  In the summer I dont have anywhere else to put these necessities and, therefore, the girls need to share my bra with my gadgets.  I really need an armband for my phone.  That would solve a world of problems, like a potential shortage of saran wrap since I wrap my phone in saran wrap before every run to protect it from sweat.  I’m resourceful.

I never used to bring my phone running but I now use my new Runkeeper app to track my kms and speed.  I wish I had discovered it much sooner.  I love that app.  I never used to have any idea how fast or far I went.  I am learning the art of pacing myself so I don’t need to take a lay down on the road half way through a race. This is a must-have for that.

Yesterday was the first day of my half marathon training plan.  Instead of running 5 km @ 6.03 min/km I ran 7.41 km @ 5.47 min/km. I learned one very important thing.  Never ever ever run the day after a race.  It was a baaaad run.  My legs hated me.  Why did I run longer than I needed to then?  As with most of my bad runs, its only bad for the 1st 25 mins.  After that my legs magically stop hurting and I stop feeling sluggish. So I needed to run longer to end on a high note.  Plus I was thinking.  Running is good for thinking.  I have a big job interview (HUGE job interview that could either end up with me having an awesome job or being completely unemployed) and needed to ponder it for a while. 

On a random note, here are my new shoes.  I love them more than someone should love shoes.  I did something I know I shouldn’t and wore them for the very first time to my race on Sunday.  They didn’t let me down.


49:30 minutes! BAM!

I’m stoked!  I acheived a PR in the 10km race and finally broke 50 minutes!  49:30 kills my last PR last July of 53:18!  I just used a lot of exclamation marks there. 

I was a bit worried going into this race as I just got back from a 10 day trip to Italy the week before and didnt run at all while I was there.  I got in three really crappy and slow runs in the week leading up to the race but just wasn’t feeling my best.   Plus I had a little bit of a mind thing going on.  Last time I ran this race I started out strong and stalled to a dead halt @ 7.5 km as I was experiencing the worst cramp on the planet.  I actually thought something was seriously wrong.  It hurt so much in my side that I was limping because any leg movement KILLED.  I have never ever gotten a cramp like that. This is the race I learned the value of pacing.  It also made me afraid to push myself too hard.  So I went into the race on Sunday with visions of lying on the road in agony flashing through my head.  As I get more serious about running I am learning how to listen to my body more and also about proper training.  I think this helped me push hard but not run out of steam. 

I have also decided to run a half marathon in July.  My first one and probably my last before I get knocked up.  I have six weeks to train.  I am not aiming to be fast, I’m aiming to finish.  Anything around the 2 hour mark would make me happy though.  I plugged everything into Smart Coach and it created a plan for me.  This is what the first week looks like.   There is a lot (too many IMO) of really short 5 km or less runs in the plan.  I might up them a few km.  Like change the 4 km run to 6 km.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Easy Run  Easy Run Tempo Run Easy Run Rest/XT Long Run Rest/ XT
4 KM @ 6:03 4 KM @ 6:03 9 KM inc warm, 6 KM @ 5:24, cool 4 KM @ 6:03   21 KM @ 6:03