Attempting a healthy balancing act.

10k Training Plan

I have my first 10k of the season on Saturday.  I didn’t really have a training plan for this one except going out and running as much as possible.  I hope to do at least two or three more this summer (depending on the baby situation) and want to actually commit to training for them.  

Last year I averaged around 54.00 – 55.00 minutes and hope that, with some work, I can get that down some.  My eventual goal is to break 50.00.  For Saturday I will be happy with 54.00.

I have been searching for a good 10k training program that a) Is actually IN km and B) Doesn’t start you off running only 4 – 5km.  I don’t want to start training by doing less than I do now.  I was cruising blogs last week and landed on Carrots and Cake and came across this post.  Well if this wasn’t exactly what I was looking for then I don’t know what is.  Smart Coach is a personalized training program – so you enter your starting point (55.00 mins for me) and what you want to achieve and it will spit out a training plan for your level and goals.  If I knew how to screen shot my personal training plan, I would.  I am not that capable though.

Another awesome thing I discovered was the RunKeeper app for Android.  Hopefully this will give me an accurate measure of distance and pace.  Now I just need to figure out where I am going to carry my phone. 

Last but not least:

Best Shoes Ever

They make my favorite shoes in HOT PINK.  o.m.g.   I need these.  My current ones DO have a hole in them.  
Question: Do you have a training plan?  Where did you get it from?  Even better: what color are your runners?

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  1. LOVE those shoes!!

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